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Application glue and characteristics of gushing dispensing v

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The Chinese system spray dispensing valve can show high-precision operation for the high-speed spray valve. It can integrate jet 7000 with all automatic machinery and production lines, and show the high-speed and high integrity automatic dispensing machine for customers. The control board integrates the high-precision temperature control system software of two intersections, which can carry out high-precision temperature control for the spray valve and the steel towing plate.
Spray gushing rubber valve
The Chinese made jet dispensing valve is a non grid jet dispensing valve, which can maintain a high speed and controllable volume of a variety of fluid mechanics and adhesives, such as bottom filling, sealant, epoxy adhesive, Uvglue, conductive adhesive, silver paste, red adhesive, surface mounting adhesive, coating adhesive, ink-jet ink, dimethylsilicone oil, biological enzyme, etc., jet6000 can carry out hundreds of times. For the gushing of μ M-level narrow indoor space, 0.02mg-level precise dispensing machine can also be carried out in specific parts.
The Chinese made spray dispensing valve is widely used in PCB circuit board, PCB PCB circuit board assembly manufacturing industry, LED packaging manufacturing industry, energy industry, electroacoustic manufacturing industry, biological science, electronic optics, MEMS, radio frequency identification technology and other places that must be high precision, high efficiency, non touch and limited indoor space.
Micrometer type spray valve
Characteristics and advantages
1. The principle of non capacity grid greatly prevents the interference and impact between nozzle and steel parts.
2. High integrity, specification as small as 5nl, liquidity speed up to 400g / mln (ten oz / MLN)
3. The heating module can be added to control the hydrodynamic viscosity.
4. Simple modularization is conducive to integration.
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