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Zz-10s large flow manual dispensing valve

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Large flow manual dispensing valve sh-10 large flow manual dispensing valve is used for single liquid glue, with large dispensing diameter. The manual dispensing valve can be used in combination with pressure tank. Just press and hold the control pressure lever to release and break the glue. It is convenient to use, with high cost performance. The mold force size can be manually controlled by air pressure contraction as driving force. It can be equipped with a variety of needle pipe nozzles according to the regulations. The fixed connection internal thread ¢ 8-12mm rubber hose can be connected with the optional pressure tank, which can be used only by connecting the gas supply. The appearance design is exquisite and light, convenient to hold, convenient to use, convenient to clean and cheap.
Chinese dispensing valve can be connected with feed pump or discharge pressure tank at will, which can be used by hand-held large flow rubber valve.
Chinese dispensing valve can be used with all dispensing needles
Hand held control valve
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