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Stainless steel suction precision dispensing valve

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Dispensing equipment manufacturing enterprises in the manufacture of precision dispensing machine, mainly used the dispensing machinery material is aluminum, but it is not some internal parts using this material, also can use other metal materials, for example: transmission system of precision dispensing machine, precision dispensing valve assembly we, it was made made of stainless steel. So, what is the specific structure of the dispenser parts and what functions do they have?
Automatic precision dispensing valve
Although the dispensing valve used in the dispensing machine is generally divided into two kinds of pneumatic and electric, but generally speaking, the precision dispensing machine is driven by electricity, so the stainless steel suction precision dispensing valve is not an exception. Because it has the same driving power as the precision dispenser, it's also powered by electricity, so it can be called an electric valve.
High speed precise dispensing machine
The structure of the electric dispensing valve is different from that of the pneumatic driven dispensing valve, which is composed of pump body and electric drive engine. The main mechanical structure is very simple, the stator and rotor structure is adopted, and only two parts of the stator and rotor are needed. The rotor revolves around the stator and realizes the precise conveying control function of the glue valve. The structure of stator and rotor in precision dispensing machine is mainly because the structure of the dispensing valve, so it must be sealed, but because of the structure in the dispensing machine precision dispensing work to be frequent, so the two parts can be replaced and lubrication. In making materials, they use stainless steel, so that the rotor and rotor life has been extended.
Stainless steel precision dispensing valve
Of course, in the dispensing machine structure of stator and rotor can achieve directional precision rotation, so he can also reverse the precision rotation, this will make the glue backflow absorbed, so that we can avoid the leakage in the operation of epoxy glue, glue phenomenon, this function is also called vacuum suction.
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