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Screw rubber diaphragm dispensing valve

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Diaphragm dispensing valve is a special dispensing valve specially used for thread glue and anaerobic glue. It is a special valve manufactured according to the characteristics of glue. The rubber cylinder is not made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and Teflon material is used. The inner core is diaphragm device. It is difficult to clean the thread glue. In order to solve the cost consumption, the developed special dispensing valve uses diaphragm dispensing valve No cleaning is required.
  Diaphragm dispensing valve
  In general, the dispensing valve uses screw glue for dispensing, and after cleaning, a large amount of glue remains on the dispensing valve. The next day, the dispensing valve's service efficiency becomes poor, and it is basically in the state of scrap. Replacing hundreds of dispensing valves at a time, the daily cost is too large, and it is not suitable for production requirements. Applying screw glue or using diaphragm is dispensing valve, which has more advantages. Purchase The cost is the same, the service life is long, the service life of ordinary diaphragm dispensing valve is 100000 times, the service life of reinforced version is 1 million times, and the service time is greatly increased.
Diaphragm dispensing valve
  Precision screw dispensing valve is also another dispensing valve for applying screw glue, with higher precision and efficiency, and no life limit. How valuable is this? Screw conveying method is used to control glue quantity accurately, dispensing frequency is high, glue point is easy to control, and screw glue can meet the production demand. Precision screw dispensing valve is a high-level product of diaphragm dispensing valve. Dispensing The accuracy can reach 0.01mm. Although each of them can be achieved, there is still a difference.
Diaphragm dispensing valve
  The performance and parameters of diaphragm dispensing valve can be checked in 阿里巴巴 shop. You can search Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment and find our shop. There are all dispensing valve parameters and many styles. You can select the dispensing valve according to the manufacturer's requirements for glue, including 3131 dispensing valve, precision screw dispensing valve, diaphragm dispensing valve and silica gel dispensing valve.
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