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High pressure two-component fluid dispensing valve

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When dispensing operation AB precision dispensing machine, we must pay attention to the function of dispensing machine fittings. Because these parts in precision dispensing dispensing machine plays a very important role, for example: play a role in the AB glue conveying precision dispensing machine, two-component fluid dispensing valve and the precision control of it. So, what is the structure of this dispensing valve? What functions does it have?
Two component automatic dispensing valve
A two-component fluid dispensing valve structure relative to other dispensing valve, is relatively simple, such accessories as installed in the AB precision dispensing machine, so that it is used in precision dispensing accessories in the form of electric drive, also called electric dispensing valve. In that case, its internal structure is obvious.
Two component high speed dispensing valve
As we all know, the structure of electric dispensing valve in dispensing machine is mainly composed of pump body and electric drive engine. The pump body is made up of stator and rotor to form the stator and rotor structure, which bears the main performance of the high pressure two-component fluid dispensing valve. It is because of the protection of this structure is extremely important, so it must have a strong tightness.
Electric dispensing valve
The dispensing valve can be carrying this two-component AB glue, so it can transport and precise control of this glue. A two-component fluid dispensing valve also has the function of high pressure jet, the AB precision dispensing in precision dispensing, dispensing efficiency and its dispensing quality get greatly improved, but also to achieve AB precision dispensing non-contact dispensing function, so it can avoid the occurrence of dispensing hose clogging phenomenon. This dispensing valve is also the same as the general electric dispensing valve, also has the function of reverse absorption of glue, that is, vacuum back suction function.
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