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Function of micrometer of zz-2121 thimble dispensing valve

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Micrometer thimble dispensing valve you may know that it has high dispensing accuracy. Have you known what the micrometer function of dispensing valve is? Where is the difference between installing micrometer and other fine adjustment devices? Does micrometer improve dispensing accuracy?
点胶阀千分尺 Micrometer action
The micro adjustment device used for micrometer thimble dispensing valve mainly lies in that it can be accurate to the point, because the accuracy requirements of glue dispensing are gradually increasing, and it is obviously unrealistic to adjust the micro adjustment device roughly, because the dispensing accuracy is very delicate, too much, it will affect the accuracy of dispensing, so to solve the problem of dispensing accuracy, you need to have an accurate scale, only on the dispensing valve Install the micrometer dispensing valve.
The difference between micrometer and other fine-tuning devices is that there is a clear digital representation, others are rough adjustments, there is no way to control the dispensing accuracy very well, this is the micro control that the micrometer of dispensing valve can achieve, other dispensing valves are not, as dispensing valve has a good effect, if you need high-precision dispensing valve, you can just use zz-2121 thimble dispensing valve to achieve high precision Dot glue. Because the micrometer has a good adjustment of glue.
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