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Zz-3131 lift back suction dispensing valve

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The recycle dispensing valve is a hot-selling dispensing valve, which is suitable for medium and high viscosity glue. Some types of glue that are difficult to dispensing can be used, such as lubricating oil, silica gel, yellow glue, black glue, epoxy resin glue, etc. it is widely used and cheap. The price of a high-quality recycle dispensing valve is only 280 yuan (including postage).
Suction dispensing valve

Parameters of suction dispensing valve

model: ZZ-3131 Dispensing valve type: Back suction
Air pressure range value: 4-7kgf/cm Working speed: 600min/次
Dispensing width: 0.1mm Repeat dispensing accuracy: ±0.02mm
Glue viscosity: 0~50000cps Feed pressure: <10KG
Feed size: 1/4”npt(f) Gel outlet: 2.5mm
Glue control: Yes Weight: 386g
Usage: Collocation dispenser Minimum glue output: 0.01g
Applicable glue: Ink, silica gel, lubricant, epoxy resin adhesive, ink, alcohol, paint, etc

Characteristics of suction dispensing valve

  1. Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it has strong corrosion resistance, durability and good sealing effect.
  2. Built in silica gel sealing ring, prevent leakage of glue, the accessories are regular and easy to configure.
  3, there are three ways to adjust the glue, coarse adjustment, medium and fine tune to solve the problem of inaccuracy in dispensing.
  4. No wiredrawing, no glue leakage, 3131 dispensing valve has a suction effect, which can draw some glue back from the rubber outlet.
  5. The broken glue is clean, and it can be pulled up axially from the dispensing valve, and the glue at the outlet can be pulled out.
  6. It can be used with semi-automatic machine and automatic dispensing machine.
  7. The use limitation is low, single component glue can be used within 50000 viscosity.
Suction dispensing valve

The combination of recycle dispensing machine and dispensing machine

  3131 - the production technology of lift back suction dispensing valve is very mature. Among the domestic manufacturers, many of them can meet our company's standards. The annual production of this dispensing valve is about 100000. Compared with other valves, the effect will be better. There are special machine-made dispensing valves, and the production master has five years of experience. Therefore, your company can safely buy the ones produced by our company Zz-3131 lift back suction dispensing valve.

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