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High viscosity black two-component dispensing valve

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There are single component and two-component glues. The latter is much more difficult to use than the former. There are many kinds of two-component dispensing valves specially developed for the use of two-component glues. At present, there are many types of two-component glues that are difficult to fill. Our company is also working hard to realize the current application difficulties of two-component glues, trying to promote these methods To the world.
  The double liquid dispensing valve can be divided into three types: low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. Then it can be subdivided according to the glue mixing ratio. After the glue viscosity is also a difficulty, some mixing ratios reach 10:1 or higher, so there is no suitable double liquid dispensing valve to meet the requirements. This paper introduces the double liquid dispensing valve that meets the requirements of the above three glues. It is necessary to use the mixing dispensing valve Pay attention to the mixing effect, otherwise there will be problems that can't solidify or only solidify one side, and uneven mixing will occur.
  Low viscosity glue: using ordinary static mixing valve, our company has produced blue glue filling valve, which can use glue mixing ratio of 2; 1 and 1:1 glue viscosity, low viscosity double liquid glue, which is relatively easy to use, and also very convenient.
  Medium viscosity glue: using the current two-component dispensing valve, the axis is processed precisely, and the axis is special. The glue mixing ratio can reach 3:1 or below, and the glue mixing situation is particularly good, so it is easy to meet the production demand, especially the double liquid dispensing valve produced by our company.
  High viscosity glue: the viscosity of glue is high, which will reduce the fluidity and require high pressure and mixing force. In general, dynamic double liquid dispensing valve is used to meet the production demand. The viscosity determines the use requirements of the mixing dispensing valve, and the proportion of glue is the same. The dynamic double liquid mixing valve dispensing valve can solve the sticking difficulties of high viscosity glue.
  There are also skills in the use of two-component dispensing valve, because not every one is suitable for use, so it is necessary to understand its characteristics, so as to find a suitable dispensing valve, so that the use can have a better effect. There are many difficulties in filling double liquid glue. At present, there are still some that have not been overcome. The use of mixing dispensing valve is different from that of other dispensing valves, so it is necessary to understand clearly.
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