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Size and type of standard rubber hose for pressure barrel

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The standard configuration of the rubber tube used for the stainless steel pressure barrel is 8 cm, just the same as the size of the rubber inlet on the dispensing valve. The rubber tube type is Teflon rubber tube, and the ordinary rubber tube is used for glue delivery, which has low smoothness and improves the glue delivery pressure. However, the ordinary glue will lead to the poor quality of the rubber tube and is not conducive to use. At present, our standard configuration is the glue special tube.
压力桶平盖   Although there are many types of pressure buckets, including flange pressure buckets, silica gel pressure buckets and flat cover pressure buckets, the use of rubber tubes is the same, all of which are 8 cm. This is the industry standard, which is the conventional standard. The pipes are suitable, not small or not large. When they are used to transport glue, bubbles can be avoided, and the amount of glue is enough. At present, the industry is basically equipped with 8 cm rubber tubes. If large flow is needed, it needs to be said Ming, or they will all be equipped with such pipes.
密封圈   The type of pressure barrel can be seen from the flat cover of pressure barrel, including top, bottom and side. At present, there are only three kinds of rubber discharging ways. The rubber hose that may be used at the bottom will be larger, the rubber discharging way will be different, and the size of the connecting pipe will be different, which will lead to such problems. The production effect of rubber hose will be different from the actual use effect. It is the most appropriate to configure the appropriate rubber hose according to the above requirements 。
压力桶   There are many types of filling machine accessories, including flange pressure barrel, rubber tube, double liquid dispensing valve, machine, system, etc, There are many parts assembled, but according to the actual production situation, there are non-standard and large-scale glue filling machines, among which there are many parts, at least hundreds of them. The glue filling machine parts cannot be listed one by one. If you want to know about the glue filling machine parts, you can list the important parts according to the link.
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