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Large flow gas point rubber valve

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When dispensing manufacturers need a large amount of glue dispensing, so you must use a large flow of dispensing valve for dispensing. This large flow dispensing valve is generally loaded on jet dispensing machine, so the structure of this dispensing valve in the end is what kind of?
Large flow automatic dispensing valve
In the power classification of dispensing valve, there are only two kinds of gas dispensing machine, which are pneumatic drive and electric drive. Drive in the form of large flow above the dispensing valve must be used pneumatic drive this form, because pneumatic dispensing can make pneumatic compressed air cylinder to produce a large number of fast, so you can let the glue flow and electric driving motion, it pushes the glue flow more rapidly, so to achieve high flow dispensing must the use of pneumatic valve to complete the glue dispensing operation.
Automatic return valve with large flow rate
The structure of the large flow point glue valve starts with its internal fittings, and the gas point rubber valve is generally composed of a cylinder as the main power source, a valve with the function of controlling glue, and a cylinder for carrying glue from top to bottom. The cylinder and the cylinder must be connected to the valve so that the dispensing valve can operate properly so that the two dispensing parts keep the synchronization rate. The connection between the cylinder and the valve must have strong tightness, which can prevent the glue leaking gold cylinder, resulting in the fault of the dispensing valve.
Large flow, high speed dispensing valve
To sum up, the above is the general structure of the gas point valve structure, large flow point valve glue although there are these structures, but it is based on the original installation of a large flow of glue out of the technology, called jet technology. It has the ability of injecting large volume of glue, which makes the dispensing amount of this dispensing valve much larger than that of general dispensing valve.
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