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Anaerobic screw dispensing valve imported from USA

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Anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve is a high-precision valve, which is the main agent of our company. It can meet the demand of high viscosity and low viscosity glue dispensing. Some problems that can not be solved by ordinary dispensing valves can be basically solved by this dispensing valve. It belongs to the electric type dispensing valve, which uses the electric drive screw to realize glue delivery and dispensing.
  At present, very high-precision servo motor can be achieved, dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01mm, glue control is accurate, and accuracy can be achieved. The anaerobic glue screw dispensing valve produced by our company is mainly used in the electronic industry and mobile phone industry, both of which need high-precision dispensing equipment to achieve dispensing, for example: Apple Computer magnet UV glue dispensing, the dispensing accessories used are anaerobic The dispensing valve of glue screw fundamentally realizes dispensing. The dispensing volume of UV glue can reach 1mm, the dispensing effect is even, there is no drawing, the dispensing is stable, and the dispensing task can be continued.
  Anaerobic glue dispensing can still use this dispensing valve without cleaning, which is convenient to use and can be used continuously every day. According to our production experience, anaerobic glue can solve a lot of electronic product problems. Generally, for high-precision products, select the appropriate dispensing accessories to directly solve the dispensing problem. Although the price of screw dispensing valve is high, the dispensing effect is good If the result is good, solve the dispensing problem. The dispensing point to point is to point the process of dispensing, which can directly reduce the problem of anaerobic dispensing and avoid production problems.
  The effect of anaerobic dispensing will be directly related to the type of machine, so as to avoid production problems and select appropriate dispensing accessories, which can ensure that there is no dispensing problem in production, and fundamentally solve the problem of dispensing equipment. Our company produces various types of dispensing valves and machines, which can use various types of dispensing tasks according to the needs of manufacturers.
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