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S-10 manual large flow dispensing valve

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  Manual large flow dispensing valve is specially customized for some manufacturers. In order to solve the cost problem, our company has made a manual dispensing valve in strict accordance with the core demand of the product. Combined with stainless steel pressure barrel, it is a glue filling device with very low cost and the price is 500-1000 yuan, which meets the low-cost production requirements. Today, we will introduce the characteristics and advantages of manual large flow dispensing valve.
  As the name suggests, the manual dispensing valve can be used to inject glue by manual control. In the dispensing valve, there is a through core bearing, which can be used by glue and a hand tablet to control the fluidity of glue. How much glue is needed can be directly pressed by hand, which is very convenient to use. The stainless steel pressure barrel is used for glue storage, which can directly transport the stored glue. Manual large flow dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure bucket can be used.
  The combination of manual large flow dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure barrel is called semi-automatic glue filling machine. The product glue filling is carried out by manual operation. The effect is stable and effective. The operation is also very simple. As long as the tablet is pressed by hand, the glue filling machine can be realized. The flow control initiative lies in one's own hand, which is also very convenient to use. This is the feature of semi-automatic glue filling machine from the lowest cost , the use of large flow filling, manual large flow dispensing valve can give your company a very good filling effect, to avoid the problem of glue water shortage.
  There are many flow control methods, including automatic, semi-automatic and assembly line, which are all modern production methods. They fundamentally solve the problem of glue filling, the difficulty of glue control, the need for two-component mixing, and vacuum suction, etc., all of which need to meet the flow requirements.
  Large flow dispensing valve is characterized by large flow of glue and good flow control effect. Some products require large flow of dispensing, which can quickly fill the product, and the glue water surface control is relatively stable, so as to control the dispensing effect. The production demand of our company fundamentally solves the dispensing problem. The characteristics of large flow dispensing valve are mainly glue flow control, and the viscosity is higher However, it is suitable for use.
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