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Customized non-point glue valve

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There are many types of dispensing valve, such as single liquid, double liquid, screw and mixing, which basically meet the current demand of 95%. Some manufacturers add faster production mode, and choose non-standard dispensing valve as production valve. The production effect is certainly more suitable for the production demand than ordinary dispensing valve.
  The non-standard glue valve is to solve the glue dispensing problem according to the overall production mode, targeted R & D and production. This glue valve is only suitable for filling the glue of this product. It is used in other industries, no different from scrap iron. The non-standard customization will significantly improve the production, but the production effect will be obvious. Our company has good production technology, which can solve the glue dispensing problem of the product, There are already practical application examples, choose our customized non-point glue valve, the price is appropriate, and the quality is guaranteed.
  Data required for dispensing valve Customization:
  1. Glue viscosity, type (single, double).
  2. Control range of discharge flow and air pressure.
  3. For material, height and width requirements.
  4. What industries are they applied in and what kind of dispensing needs are there in the industry
  There are specific requirements for customization of non-standard glue valve. The parameters think that the effect of dispensing valve needs to be fundamentally solved. Otherwise, there will be various dispensing problems and lose the function of customized dispensing valve. If your company uses silica gel, it belongs to the glue with high viscosity, and makes a dispensing valve that meets the requirements of low viscosity glue, it will certainly not meet the core dispensing requirements. Non-standard customization is certain To make the dispensing requirements clear, the proper dispensing valve can be achieved. It is better to be able to CAD drawings. Our company can process according to the requirements.
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