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Large flow dispensing valve

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  Large flow dispensing valve: it is pointed out that the flow of glue is large, which meets the demand of high viscosity and large quantity of glue products.
  Two types of large flow dispensing valves
  There are two types of large flow dispensing valves, manual and automatic. Manual control refers to manual control, and the glue volume is also manual control. All of them depend on manual control. Glue is pushed by air pressure, and hand pressure tablet is used to control glue. It can simply control glue flow, avoid more than glue flow, resulting in uneven glue filling of products, and glue filling can be seen directly. The automatic type is used with the mechanical platform, and can use two-component or single component glue. The glue flow is controlled by the needle and the air pressure. The time is controlled by the machine, and the glue can be dispensed without manual work. There are many types of glue, a wide range, and a stable structure effect.
  Semi automatic glue filling machine
  Manual high flow dispensing valve + stainless steel pressure bucket is equal to semi-automatic glue filling machine, which is cheap. For operation parts, the effect of glue filling with single component glue is very obvious. For example, glue is placed inside stainless steel pressure bucket, glue is squeezed to manual high flow dispensing valve by air pressure, and then glue quantity is controlled by hand pressure tablet, so as to realize glue dispensing and glue on plastic vehicle bracket Then, the effect is very obvious, and the effect is stable.
  But not all glues can use large flow dispensing valve, for example: 502 glue, 502 glue needs special materials, to avoid reaction with stainless steel, resulting in glue solidification, and unable to dispensing or place plastic pipe in the pressure barrel, using anaerobic glue dispensing valve can ensure that the dispensing valve will not stick, and using semi-automatic glue dispenser for dispensing is also OK, It is very convenient to use and can solve the dispensing problem.
  The bonding effect of the plastic car bracket has a very obvious effect on the actual production effect. Our company can produce a variety of semi-automatic glue filling machines suitable for glue dispensing, 502 glue, hot-melt glue, silica gel and red glue, etc., all of which can be achieved.
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