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Acting import single liquid screw dispensing valve

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There are several types of screw type dispensing valves, which can be used for glue according to different types. For example, double liquid and single liquid screw type dispensing valves can be used for two components and single liquid glue, and the two dispensing valves can be used separately to meet the needs of many industries, while other models are subdivided, with some differences and different use effects. Today, we talk about single liquid Screw dispensing valve function.
  Single liquid screw dispensing valve
  1. With core dispensing controller, dispensing valve parameters and voltage are provided by the controller.
  2. High viscosity or low viscosity glue can be used. A servo motor pushes the screw to push the glue out.
  3. The motor can rotate to achieve glue back absorption and air leakage proof effect.
  4. Simple installation, can be directly installed on the dispensing valve, so as to dispensing, matching desktop and visual dispensing.
  5. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the glue flow can reach 0.01g to 15g
  6. The reaction speed is fast, the dispensing effect can reach higher level, and the requirement for glue is low.
  The single liquid screw type dispensing valve is the current electric combined dispensing valve, which requires both voltage and air pressure. The voltage drives the servo motor, so as to control the amount of glue, and the reverse effect can be used for suction. Therefore, the screw type dispensing valve can present a very good effect and solve the dispensing accuracy and effect that other ordinary dispensing valves cannot achieve.
  Each single liquid screw dispensing valve is made of advanced materials, such as tungsten steel, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti curing, etc., with many styles and complete control. Although the price is more expensive, the product quality is stable and the use effect is excellent. One pivot dispensing valve can be used for several years, and the product quality is high, accurate and stable, which is the core effect of high-end product application Fruit Oh!
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