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High speed dispensing valve

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Dispensing valve type: common dispensing valve, screw dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve and high-speed dispensing valve. Common type includes many, conventional type of dispensing valve, dispensing accuracy is about 0.1mm And other valves have their own characteristics. Screw dispensing valve: strong applicability, back suction function, high dispensing accuracy, precision dispensing valve: dispensing accuracy can be achieved 0.01g , high speed dispensing valve: high speed It belongs to a new dispensing valve.
  The high-speed dispensing valve adopts jet dispensing, which can dispensing the product at a certain height. The speed is very fast, which can reach 800mm / s. The spraying speed is fast. It should be the most widely used in some badges, nameplates and vehicle logos. The high-pressure technology is used to squeeze the glue to form a high-speed jet shape, and then spray it onto the product. The viscosity of the glue used is generally lower than 3000cps, and the scope of application is relatively small.
  Advantages of high speed dispensing valve
  1. Dispensing speed is fast, spraying effect is good, there is a very fast speed, ordinary dispensing valve can not meet the requirements.
  2. High precision, general high-speed dispensing valve with the machine, has a visual positioning system, can be in the 1s equipment product dispensing position.
  3. Good material, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.
  4. For the best use of low glue, ordinary glue may be slower.
  5. Gluing accuracy: minimum accuracy 0.025mm
  6. Long service life, 200000000 times of use
  The spraying effect of high-speed dispensing valve has not been achieved by any dispensing valve at present. Similar to nameplate spraying, the spraying range of general spraying valve is large and uneven. Using high-speed dispensing valve can spray the surface very clean, and the effect will have a great effect. High speed dispensing valve has its own application.
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