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Double liquid epoxy dispensing valve

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The conventional type of epoxy glue can be used in many industries, such as environmental protection, good bonding, low price, long service life and so on. However, the glue has some "small nature", the glue viscosity is relatively high, it is not easy to mix and dispensing, and there are bubble problems, so a special dispensing valve is needed. Our company has developed a hair that conforms to the epoxy glue dispensing, which can It's very convenient to solve the problem of glue mixing and delivery. If you have any idea, you should know what type of dispensing valve it is.
For the mixing viscosity of epoxy glue, our company uses a 3:1 mixing valve as the control device, with the power mixing effect. After the glue comes out of the defoamer, we mix it, mix the two kinds of glue together, improve the mixing ratio, and then use the mixing pipe to mix again, so as to ensure the mixing effect. This fundamentally solves the problems of glue mixing and glue filling Professional affairs are handled professionally.
Epoxy glue dispensing valve is also known as epoxy resin filling valve. Generally, the glue flow is very large, so the dispensing problem can be avoided. In this way, the speed is fast. It needs more than 10 grams of glue. It can't be completed in a minute using a small glue needle. Now? With a large flow mixing tube, you can fill up the glue in a few seconds, which seems better.
Dispensing valve type: filling valve features: large filling flow and strong mixing
Dispensing valve Name: epoxy resin dispensing valve mixing method: dynamic mixing
Meet the glue mixing ratio: 1:1 ~ 5:1 glue viscosity: below 40000
Glue flow: 1-15g weight: 3.2kg
Feeding pressure: 10kg feeding size: 1 / 8 "NPT (f)
Main material: POM aluminum alloy
Features of epoxy dispensing valve:
1. Use high viscosity glue for glue filling, smooth and unimpeded.
2. It has the advantages of large flow, fast speed and simple use.
3. Active mixing effect bar, more in line with two-component glue use and control.
4. It has low restriction requirements and can be used in many types.

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