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In fact, the dispensing valve industry belongs to the middle and late stage, and the dispensing technology alone has been relatively mature. Now it is carried out in the way of assembly line, which can solve the problem of slow manual operation. The automation industry chain is gradually increasing in the industry. At present, many large factories basically adopt mechanized production, only some of them adopt manual production mode, with complex installation, many parts, etc., but it is also slow Slow to automation industry is transforming.
There are about one hundred types of dispensing valves, large and small. Each manufacturer may have some different types of dispensing valves. In addition to foreign products, there are so many types of dispensing valves at present. Each kind of glue can produce about a dozen kinds of dispensing valves. However, many of them are made according to the needs of the industry and meet the requirements of some industries. Not all industries are suitable. In order to meet the speed requirements of the industry , there are many manufacturers that choose non-point glue valve, welcome to order, the price will be determined according to the difficulty of point glue valve.
Dispensing valve type
Single component: 25d dispensing valve, 3131 dispensing valve, 2121 dispensing valve, silica gel dispensing valve, plunger dispensing valve, single liquid screw valve.
Two components: static double liquid dispensing valve, dynamic double liquid dispensing valve, double liquid screw valve.
Spray type: round spray valve, fan spray valve, flat fan spray valve.
High end valve: piezoelectric dispensing valve, screw dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve.
These are just about the type of dispensing valve, and there are many dispensing valves suitable for manufacturers, especially non-point valves. If there is a demand for this, the manufacturer will get a better response. The price required for designing non-point valves will be higher than that of ordinary dispensing valves!
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