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Photosensitive dispensing valve

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Brief introduction: photosensitive glue dispensing may be rarely understood. In fact, it's another name for UV glue. It's called according to the characteristics of glue. UV light is needed for UV glue to solidify. Otherwise, it will not solidify in the dark for a lifetime or the solidification speed will be slow. In the sunlight, there is ultraviolet light, so UV glue is also called photosensitive glue.

  Photosensitive glue dispensing valve is a screw type dispensing valve. It is a precise dispensing valve. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.12mm, and the line width can reach 0.1mm. It is a dispensing valve with a combination of voltage and pneumatic. It has a dispensing syringe with a capacity of 30 and 55ml. It is generally used in high-precision industries. The requirement for glue capacity is not very high. It is very simple to use the dispensing syringe.

  Screw dispensing valve features

  1. Dispensing stability is high, has the real absorption effect.
  2. The screw is used for glue transportation and suction, with high precision. It can be used for dispensing in some high-precision products.
  3. Easy to remove, only 50 seconds to remove the dispensing valve, and clean.
  4. Dispensing is the difference between air pressure and voltage, voltage can avoid air pressure instability.
  5. The dispensing speed is fast, and the rotation efficiency of the motor is faster than that of the air pressure.
  6. Meet the requirements of various types of glue dispensing, for glue viscosity, not high, basic glue can be used (except for double liquid glue).
  Photosensitive glue, also known as shadowless glue and UV glue, is called according to its characteristics. Now we know which dispensing valve can be used for gluing. The effect of UV glue dispensing valve and photosensitive glue dispensing valve is the same. In fact, there are many accessories, which are the same, but the name is different. There may be new products instead of the old ones, and the name gradually changes. For example, before gluing the mobile phone shell, the dispensing needle cylinder is used. Now In the use of UV glue dispensing valve, there is also the use of hot melt glue dispensing valve, the effect is still a certain gap.
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