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Installation steps of mixing pressure barrel

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In order to ensure that the pressure bucket can be transported to the customer's hands without being damaged, it is generally not equipped with accessories to avoid being hit and crooked. Many customers will not be able to assemble the pressure bucket after receiving it. Today's small edition will teach you how to install it. Take the installation of mixing pressure bucket as an example, there will be other pressure bucket installation teaching in the future. If you don't understand anything, you can also call for consultation !

  Installation steps of mixing pressure barrel

  Receive the pressure barrel express delivery → check the product list and determine the quantity → determine the location of the accessories → install the small accessories at the weekend, three hole locations, no fixed requirements, can be installed at will → place the mixer in the middle → install all the money accessories and apply the adhesive tape → screw on and start the safety mixing device → the bottom as the rubber outlet, need to install the 8m specification rubber outlet device.

  Way of dispensing

  The electric mixing pressure barrel is used to discharge glue from the bottom, and the top is occupied by the mixing device. If there is mixing, the glue will flow more smoothly from the bottom, and some glue will precipitate from the bottom. The glue at the bottom of the mixing will mix well. It has advantages for product dispensing, and it also has side glue. You can choose specifications and types according to your needs. Our company can manufacture them, and the effect is also good It's great.

  Mixing pressure bucket function

  The combination of electric motor and stainless steel pressure barrel of the mixing device is used for some high viscosity or easy to precipitate glue. Regular mixing can improve the glue activity, which is the combination of the mixing device. Our company will focus on the electric motor in the next article , from the introduction of the function, installation process and application effect of the electric mixing pressure barrel, as well as the way of its dispensing, according to these needs, it can be rotated to the appropriate machine, and whether the combination of the mixing device meets the needs, which is the reason for the small preparation of these articles.
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