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Power filling valve

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Brief introduction: a power supply glue filling valve is made to meet the glue demand of power supply glue filling, which is specially designed to meet the two-component power supply glue filling valve. Its function is to control the effect. According to the core product demand, a two-component high viscosity glue filling valve is developed, which is in line with the use of silica gel and epoxy resin glue for glue filling. The effect is also very good. It can control the flow well and has the effect of back suction 。

  Features of power filling valve

  1. Two component glue meeting 3:1 mixing requirements can be used, and 5:1 glue can be used with mixing device.
  2. Viscosity in 20000 ~ 50000cps, glue viscosity range is wide, suitable for a variety of power injection.
  3. There is also a single component power supply glue filling valve, which belongs to super large flow, and the glue output can reach 15g in 1s
  4. The glue viscosity is high, but the mixing effect is very good, so as not to appear the glue mixing unevenly.
  Therefore, we can get better glue pouring effect. We must start with accessories. A good accessory can solve many glue pouring problems, such as glue flow and glue control, which are very good. Why? Because the glue filling valve can play a great role in controlling the mixing of two kinds of glue, our company will independently manufacture the corresponding glue filling valve, in order to solve the glue filling problem, according to the core demand of the product, the machine and accessories are equally important.
  The power supply glue filling valve is mainly used for glue filling in the power supply industry. Unless the same glue is used for power supply glue filling, and the viscosity is the same, it will have corresponding effect. Otherwise, there will be glue leakage or wire drawing and other problems. The machines produced by our company rarely have such problems, which is the advantage of the manufacturer. The machines and accessories are matched uniformly, so the effect is very good, and the products produced are willing It's not bad.
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