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Red glue dispensing valve

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Red glue is a conventional type of glue, which is mainly used in circuit board dispensing. However, special dispensing valve is required due to the characteristics of glue. Our company has developed and manufactured a dispensing valve that meets the requirements of red glue dropping. It is called red glue dispensing valve, which has heating effect. It can heat the glue to 40 ° to 50 °, and then dispensing is carried out to increase the fluidity and solidity of red glue.
  The dispensing industry mainly depends on the type of glue. The glue has viscosity, corrosiveness or mixing. To meet these needs, the viscosity is high. If the low viscosity dispensing valve is used, it cannot meet the needs, and it cannot be used. For viscosity and glue requirements, for example, red glue dispensing can be used at room temperature, but the effect is not good at about 40 °, which is the demand of glue characteristics.
  The red glue dispensing valve will add a heating device on the side. When the glue passes through the dispensing valve, it can be heated to raise the temperature to a suitable problem. The same is true for the red glue dropping effect. According to the core of the product, our company can solve the core effect demand of the product and fundamentally solve the problem of red glue dropping. The red glue dispensing valve has a very strong function and a wide application range Pan, if you have the red glue dispensing valve you need, you can contact our company!
  The function of red glue dispensing valve is mainly in the application of red glue. It is made according to the glue demand. According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the corresponding dispensing valve can be customized to meet the glue and dispensing demand. The effect is better than the commonly used dispensing valve. In fact, the price demand is not very high. The effect is better than the general one, and it is not easy to damage.
  Red glue dropping effect is based on the core manufacturing requirements of the product, which can avoid considerable problems. According to the core of the manufacturer, our company can quickly solve the product problems. The function of red glue dispensing valve is very effective. The function of red glue dispensing valve can carry out the dispensing of the product.
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