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High speed injection valve zz-05q

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If the paint on the watch case is painted, it is related to the glue dispensing valve, called high-speed spray valve, zz-o5q. It has good glue spraying technology and can achieve micro spray effect. It can fundamentally solve the accuracy and speed requirements of watch case spray glue. With visual dispensing machine, it can fully play the characteristics of high-speed spray valve. A complex watch case painting, only takes five seconds to complete, manual completion can not reach the accuracy and speed.

  Features of high speed injection valve

  1. High speed dispensing function, simple flow control, high precision.
  2. The production material used is stainless steel, after special process treatment.
  3. Current pulse, voltage is 24 V, safe.
  4. High precision, can achieve 0.01mm (true)
  5. It meets the requirements of low viscosity glue spraying and has good sealing performance,
  6. It is easy to operate and has a special controller to control the parameters of high-speed injection valve.
  7. Connect the dispenser system and control the dispensing volume and dispensing time with the machine.

  Parameters of high speed injection valve

  Model: zz-05q type: high speed valve
  Name: high speed injection valve air source: 0.1 ~ 0.8MPa
  Control module voltage: 24 V, minimum glue output: 0.001ml
  Operating viscosity: 1 ~ 8000cps material: 304 stainless steel (tungsten steel)
  Glue control mode: screw operation rate: < 200 / S
  Minimum opening time: 2.3ms minimum interval time: 2.7ms
  Dimensions: (d) 30 * 40 weight: 76g
  The function of high-speed injection valve is for high-precision industry. In order to meet the core product requirements, our company also manufactures many high-end dispensing valves, such as twin-screw dispensing valve, spray valve, visual dispensing system, etc., which are manufactured to meet the needs of high-precision industry. Our company is a high-end manufacturer in dispensing equipment industry.
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