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Super flow two component screw pump zz-700d

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With the improvement of industrial technology, there are more types of dispensing valves. Basically, the viscosity of glue for each gradient can be matched with a dispensing valve, and some are specially designed for two-component glue. In the past, there was a lot of difference in the proportion of two-component glue. For example, for the glue with the ratio of 10:1, there is basically no single dispensing valve that can be completed alone. Now, there is a suitable dispensing valve Valve, called twin-screw pump, can accurately input the proportion of glue, improve the control accuracy.
  High viscosity glue can be used in twin-liquid screw pump (super large flow rate). Generally, double liquid dispensing valve needs to measure glue by metering pump. Now, it can be replaced by a valve to directly transport glue from pressure barrel to the glue inlet of twin-liquid screw pump. Glue proportion is set in the dispensing controller, and the rotation ratio is set according to the proportion. The glue is input according to the proportion, which makes the production easier fluent.
  Working principle of screw dispensing valve: the precise motor inside the dispensing valve is used to drive the screw to rotate so as to transport glue out. The glue quantity controlled can reach 0.01mm. The driving is very precise, and the control is stable. The double liquid glue proportion control is very stable. The dispensing precision is high, which meets the dispensing demand of modern industry.
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