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Zz-1050r hot melt adhesive precision screw valve

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Hot melt glue screw valve is a kind of glue dispensing valve that can be heated. In view of the high-precision dispensing demand that ordinary dispensing valve can not complete, this hot-melt glue screw valve can solve the requirements of glue heating and high-precision dispensing, and truly realize the micro dispensing function. Some solid glue can use hot-melt glue screw valve, while some glue needs heating, it can also be used! Similar to red glue, solder paste, etc.

  Characteristics of hot melt screw valve

  1. The temperature can be controlled in the range of 0 ~ 200 ° and the suitable temperature can be constant.
  2. Dispensing rate: can be controlled at 60 times per minute.
  3. The glue output is controlled by precision motor and can be controlled at 0.2ul.
  4. Dispensing width: minimum line width 0.19mm, minimum dispensing diameter 0.2mm
  5. Repeat rate of glue output: 98% 
  6. All rubber valve body material is tungsten steel.
  7. The glue output is stable.

  Mechanical structure parameters

  Model: zz-1050r
  Motor speed: 0 ~ 300rpm (adjustable)
  Motor power: 11W
  Screw material: tungsten steel
  Pump body material: aluminum alloy / stainless steel
  Feed connection: Ruhr
  Glue outlet: Custom needle or standard needle
  Heating module: 0 ~ 200 degrees
  Pressure body: 2bar
  The minimum glue content: 160mg / S / td > 0
  Applicable fluid: 3000 ~ 1300000cps
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