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Zz160 round silica gel valve

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This dispensing valve heel is manufactured in a plunger way, which can solve the problem of high viscosity glue coating. Since high viscosity will affect the glue delivery, glue with corresponding viscosity should be used to realize dispensing task. Two types of dispensing valves are recommended, one is a large flow silicone dispensing valve, the other is a round silicone valve.
The round silica gel valve is a high viscosity small streamline dispensing valve, which can use high viscosity glue and high precision dispensing valve. It meets the requirements of some small products. The function of the round silica gel valve is very obvious. According to the core requirements of the product, the standard dispensing valve is manufactured, so as to achieve the corresponding dispensing task and make the manufacturer have better effect!
Features of round Silicone Valve
1. Dispensing accuracy control, can be connected to the dispensing needle to achieve high precision dispensing.
2. The material is made of aluminum alloy, which has good anti-corrosion effect and good wear-resistant effect.
3. High pressure device can be used to solve the dispensing accuracy and more convenient control.
4. The glue is smooth, easy to control, strong fluidity, and especially convenient.
There are many types of dispensing valve, if you don't understand, you can come and ask at any time! Because our company is specialized in dispensing valve devices, there are all kinds of dispensing valves, and we are also acting for foreign dispensing devices, such as screw valve, jet valve and visual device. These are all dispensing devices manufactured by our company.
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