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Dongguan Hengli AB glue screw valve

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When it comes to the dispensing valve using AB glue, the appearance of screw valve of AB glue comes to mind. This is a double liquid dispensing valve which gives me a great impact. It can complete the mixing requirement of more than 5:1 glue ratio without using the metering pump. At present, there should be no double liquid dispensing valve that can achieve the effect except screw valve. Next, let's learn about our company's Chinese manufacturing and pushing Recommended features of AB screw valve.
  Introduction: AB glue screw valve is a kind of dispensing device with high precision, which is mainly used for AB glue conveying, re mixing and dispensing. A motor and a fixed machine are installed on the screw of dispensing valve. The glue can be sent out according to the rotation speed. Glue a and glue B can be delivered according to the specified requirements to reach the specified glue proportion To set the proportion directly through the dispensing controller, it will automatically control the amount of glue.

  Characteristics and advantage

  1. Stable output

  Can be stable and continuous glue, for glue viscosity requirements are not high, high and low viscosity effect is the same, stable delivery of glue, continuous.

  2. Param
  eter adjustment

  According to the glue viscosity, air pressure and glue quantity, the rotation speed of the motor can be adjusted to facilitate the change of glue output.
  3. Convenient glue mixing debugging method
  The mixing proportion can be controlled directly by designing the dispensing ratio in the dispensing controller.
  4. The stator has strong corrosion resistance and high stability
  It has good corrosion resistance, and the use of acid glue is still resistant to reduce the use cost.
  5. New generation capacity control mode 
  Through the screw rotation mode, it has little to do with the glue viscosity and air pressure, and does not affect the glue flow rate.
  6. High output pressure
  The screw has the function of lifting pressure, and the maximum pressure of double pump can reach 40bar

  Dispensing parameters

  Motor specification: precision servo motor motor motor speed: 1 ~ 120r / min
  Connecting solution part material: stainless steel / corrosion resistant composite material; feed port: 1 / 8
  Input pressure: 0 ~ 0.8MPa; output pressure: 0 ~ 4.0Mpa
  Applicable glue viscosity: 0 ~ 100000c, glue output: 0.2ml/r for single pump
  Colloid flow rate: 0.02 ~ 2.4ml/r for single pump and 0.0015ml/mt for single pump
  Accuracy: 0.01; white seal: 2bar
  Screw valve weight: 1.9kg overall dimension: 60mmx29mmx289.9mm

  to configure

  Zz-200dab rubber screw valve
  Zz-340 screw valve controller
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