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4800 stainless steel spray valve

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As the saying goes, what is the price of a cent, the price of high determines the value of the product. If everything is carefully manufactured, the quality will certainly not be bad, and the difference is a thousand miles. Although there will be no problems in the process of using the front, but the long-term use is the test of quality. We have several kinds of spray valves at the price of 800~4800 yuan. A high priced stainless steel spray valve is introduced.
  Many dispensing valves are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, what is in the middle will be a gap, and the shaft connects two cylinders. Although there is a sealing ring, it can ensure the sealing effect. But the sealing ring is worn out, and the quality of the low sealing ring is not good, so it is easy to damage. Why common dispensing valve needs to replace the sealing ring frequently, the low price spray valve effect. Fruit without high price spray valve can be used effectively. This is for sure. The spray valve I sold is around one thousand and five hundred at most, because the price is moderate and the quality is reliable, preferably the stainless steel spray valve of 4800 yuan. It can be used for a year and a half without any spray. The common spray valve is between three months and five months.
  The stainless steel spray valve is designed in an integrated way. The rubber cylinder and the cylinder are wrapped together, so that it can have a good continuity and enhance the product quality. The sealing effect can be very good because the sealing ring can be doubled, and it is all between the cylinder and the rubber cylinder. Although the glue has corrosion effect, the corrosion needs a long time, if it is neutral glue. The service life is longer, and the price is high. The accessories are the best. The effect is even better.
  There are two types of stainless steel injection valves. The spray way is circular spray effect, the shape is square and round. The spray valve can be selected according to the way of use. The shape of the spray valve will affect the spray range. The better structure will require a certain core segment to achieve better spray effect.
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