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ZZ-500V diaphragm dispensing valve

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ZZ-500v diaphragm dispensing valve has distinct features. It is a top-pin dispensing valve with diaphragm unit. It can easily use low-viscosity glue. It has strong sealing. It also has anti-wear and anti-curing effects. The rubber outlet is made of Ruhr structure. The shaft seal is strengthened to avoid glue leakage. The sealing ring thickness is 3mm.Guiding price: 680 yuan.
Machine parameters
Operating Viscosity: 1~5000cps
Vomiting volume: 0.01ml
Vomiting volume: 0.01ml
Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
Feed pressure: <10kg
Operating frequency: <600min
Feed spout size: 1/8"npt(f)
Rubber outlet bore: 2mm
Flow regulation:
Spot Valve: Back-suction Spot Valve (with backsuction function)
Shape size: (D) 23x (H) 140 (mm)
Weight: 206G
Control solenoid: 2-way 5-way/2-way 3-way available
Installation screw: M4 screw hole spacing 12mm
Advantages and features
1. Upgrade of manufacturing process, tighter structural design and good sealing.
2. Accurate glue output control to meet the sealing requirements of low viscosity glue control.
3. High dispensing precision and accurate glue output.
4. Easy to install and uniform installation specifications.
5. The glue flow can be controlled slightly by the glue adjustment method.
Suitable for glue
UV, alcohol, 401, instant dry, silicone, red, black, sealant, etc.
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