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ZZ-D10 single-hole dispensing valve

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ZZ-D10 single-vent dispensing valve is different from ordinary dispensing valve. Other types of dispensing valve are slightly different. Other types are basically double-vent. This single-vent dispensing controller is a single-hole machine with suction function, and can still realize dispensing task. It is one of the common types of single-liquid dispensing valve.
单液点胶阀 Spot Valve Parameters
Operating Viscosity: 1~10,000 CPS
Vomiting volume: 0.1g
Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
Feed pressure: <10kg
Operating frequency: <600min
Feed spout size: 1/8"npt(f)
Rubber outlet bore: 2mm
Flow regulation: none
Spot Valve: Back-suction Spot Valve (with backsuction function)
Shape size: (D) 20x (H) 120 (mm)
Weight: 81g
Controller: 982 point glue controller
Installation Screw: Handheld
Features and advantages
1. The dispensing valve of the pressure barrel can still be used without the need to configure a double-vent controller.
2. The original single-liquid dispensing controller can be used to dispense glue by adding a dispensing valve and a pressure bucket.
3. Single air inlet, more sensitive control of glue outlet and clean gel breakage.
4. Top needle type dispensing device can control low viscosity glue with good sealing.
5. Simple operation and easy control to avoid glue-dispensing problems.
Suitable glue type
1. uv, sealant, silicone, black, lubricant, butter, etc.
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