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ZZ-10D handheld small flow dispensing valve

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ZZ-10D handheld small flow dispensing valve is a type of manual valve used for pressure barrel matching. It does not need a controller. Just use the pressure barrel, and link the dispensing valve and pressure barrel with the hose. You can dispense glue by hand pressing sheet. It is very convenient.Not only can it solve the problem of high cost and price, but also can meet the demand of dispensing glue. Press and loosen the hand-pressed sheet is the glue stopper.
Spot Valve Parameters
Operating Viscosity: 1~10,000 CPS
Vomiting volume: 0.1g
Operating pressure: 4-7kg/cm3
Feed pressure: <10kg
Operating frequency: <600min
Feed spout size: 1/4"npt(f) (gel feed)
Rubber outlet bore: 2mm
Flow regulation:
Spot Valve: Top Pin Spot Valve (no suction function)
Shape size: (D) 21 x (H) 150 (mm)
Weight: 75g
Rubber storage: stainless steel pressure bucket
Installation Screw: Handheld
Advantages and features
1. The structure is very simple and can be used simply by connecting the barrel and the air pressure.
2. It belongs to the type of small flow and the control quantity of glue discharge is stable, which can be adjusted by the degree of hand pressure.
3. The glue dispensing industry that meets the requirements of low precision, especially products of plane type.
4. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are used for good corrosion resistance.
5. The dispensing valve has a fine-tuning adjustment device. At the glue inlet, the glue flow rate can be adjusted by the disc amplitude.
Glue can be used
Paint, alcohol, crystal gel, water-soluble gel, white gel, white latex, silicone.
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