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Precision high viscosity glue valve

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China's manufacturing industry is in the high precision direction to start development, dispensing industry market is a popular variety of intelligent high precision dispensing equipment, most precision dispensing equipment will be specially equipped with precision high viscosity dispensing valve as the important working parts, is more practical than the traditional dispensing valve.
The precise high viscosity dispensing valve is mainly used for dispensing glue with high viscosity. The special metal is used to make glue dispensing, which can be dispensed with all kinds of high viscosity glue. It is applied to high demand dispensing to improve work efficiency and consistency. It supports a variety of glue needles to work, with a more efficient use of stainless steel dot glue needles. It ensures the normal use of the dispensing valve and the working life.
The dispensing valve in the dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the control of glue flow, if the need for dispensing only control dispensing valve opening end after dispensing valve will automatically shut down, the sensitivity of precision high viscosity dispensing valve is very high, can immediately to the operating personnel to adjust the working parameters, effective guarantee the dispensing work continuity and will not appear leakage glue glue etc..
Precision high viscosity dispensing valve using an interactive cylinder for pressure, high viscosity glue after special interaction after cylinder pushing uniformly coated on the bonding surface, residual adhesive remaining amount is very small, improves the normal use of glue, support different specifications of plastic barrel supporting work, not only to ensure the stability of the glue supply and ensure the degree of precision dispensing semi-finished products, suitable for high demand dispensing work.
Suction function is precision high viscosity dispensing valve equipped with main function, can prevent leakage problems such as epoxy glue with high viscosity glue dispensing, improves the working efficiency of precision dispensing equipment.
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