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The function of the precision dispensing valve

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Dispensing machine market sales and its features and accessories are closely related, the manufacturer will choose high precision and strong practical precision dispensing valve as an important parts in the production of dispensing, dispensing valve is very important in the position of the glue dispensing machine, the flow control by dispensing valve to achieve, so high precision dispensing valve has a very important job the position, the user can select the dispensing valve as the working parts in the choice of working parts, the role and function of dispensing valve were roughly explained by small.
Dispensing valve in the dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the velocity control of glue, glue to ensure stable supply of dispensing work, so the quality of the dispensing valve will play a decisive role, dispensing valve support different viscosity of the glue dispensing, through special processing to glue more stability and more convenient, the working gas source size adjusted according to the operating personnel, according to the adjustment of pressure size to support the actual demand, the working temperature of 60 degrees below.
The important function of quantitative dispensing dispensing valve belongs to the high quality production line of equipment precision is very high, through the dispensing valve control can quantitatively glue work, very good effect of dispensing microelectronics and other small products, can be uniformly coated on the surface of the path, has a very broad application in high demand the production line or in small production line.
The special needs of the production line often need to apply for special glue with high viscosity and poor compatibility of the ordinary dispensing valve and glue dispensing valve precision high viscosity dispensing valve belongs to a high performance, support a variety of high viscosity glue dispensing, with special material support conformal coating, special silicone fluid dispensing.
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