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Common problems of precision dispensing valves

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Dispensing valve is mainly used to control the glue dispensing valve links, many species on the market, there is a large flow dispensing valve and return suction dispensing valve, precision high viscosity dispensing valve, the actual use of precision dispensing valve may have some common problems will affect the normal use, to solve the problems can improve the precision dispensing valve dispensing work.
Precision dispensing valve plug belongs to the common problems caused by blockage may be caused because the high viscosity glue part in the internal curing caused by the rubber valve plug easy to affect the speed of flow and the glue dispensing effect, the actual application process will appear a problem of uneven glue, so in dispensing before work first check the internal precision if the curing of the glue dispensing valve caused by blockage can be properly heated to reduce viscosity of glue dispensing, can effectively prevent the glue dispensing valve in internal curing, some precision dispensing machine with automatic suction function, can well solve the clogging problem in the glue curing internal dispensing valve.
Dispensing valve in the actual application of the enforcement work is higher, the operator can change the dispensing parameters according to the actual demand, the normal working life of precision dispensing valve has certain influence, sometimes in the dispensing process will appear glue adhesive leakage problems, the main reason is because the dispensing valve may seal is poor. In addition will also affect the normal effect of dispensing supplies cost increase, the use of special seal can solve the blocking problem of precision dispensing valve.
The precise dispensing valve can support all kinds of pressure drums and dispensing needles, and can enhance the dispensing efficiency and the accuracy of dispensing. It is a comprehensive dispensing working valve.
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