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Effect of precision gluing valve on high demand glue

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The dispensing valve dispensing valve and traditional precision screw are mainly by controlling the motor speed of supply of rubber, in terms of stability and efficiency than the general dispensing valve has better use effect, better effect in high demand in dispensing.
With the further development of the electronics industry, the production of PCB board manufacturers are constantly rising, the path of coating work needs to be applied to precision dispensing efficiency, screw dispensing valve plays a very important role in the production process of PCB board, chip adhesive dispensing process needs to be applied to high precision in the PCB plate. To avoid glue due to overflow to affect the normal work of the circuit, precision dispensing machine can work through the micro dispensing dispensing valve screw, screw dispensing valve with metering dispensing function, not only to ensure high precision and dispensing, dispensing evenness is correct, its scope is very broad.
Precision screw dispensing valve dispensing effect is very good in high demand for the dispensing process, not in the long term precision dispensing process affect the normal working accuracy, in addition to have a wide application in the production of electronic industry, various seams bonding work required by precision screw dispensing valve, due to the need of high precision metering dispensing slit type glue, in order to make the application of precision dispenser for dispensing in this regard, precision screw dispensing valve should be used for high quality.
The accuracy of the precise screw dispensing valve is very high. The application of the precision screw dispensing valve is very different from that of the dispensing valve with high accuracy and high viscosity. The market demand is higher, and its function and practicability is higher than the ordinary dispensing valve.
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