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AB manual dispensing valve

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If we want to buy the AB dispenser that meets the needs of our own production, we must carefully choose the dispensing valve that you need. The dispensing valve I choose is not only able to control glue dispensing time in the traditional dispensing machine, but also play a role in improving the density and efficiency of dispensing. So what kind of glue valve do we use?
AB dispensing valve
Because the dispensing valve requires the use of AB precision dispensing machine, storage and dispensing of AB operation, so it must use the electric drive mode. We know that AB is the glue dispensing machine using two kinds of colloidal two-component mixed glue, the glue A glue is the main glue, B glue only aided optimization of A adhesive additives, they in the dispensing machine according to a certain proportion of mixing is completed, can through the hose, the dispensing valve and then after entering AB for dispensing work. Carrying this driving mode can not only easily AB glue, but also the precise control of ab.
Manual dispensing valve
The structure of the electric dispensing valve and the pneumatic driving dispensing valve are quite different. It consists of a pump body and an electric driving engine. The main mechanical structure is very simple, and the stator and rotor structure is adopted. Only two parts of the stator and rotor are needed. The rotor revolves around the stator, so as to realize the precision delivery control of AB glue valve glue. Because of the structure of stator and rotor in precision dispensing machine is the main structure of the dispensing valve, so it must be sealed, but because of the structure in the dispensing machine precision dispensing work to be frequent, so the two parts must be periodically replaced and lubrication.
Double liquid dispensing valve
Not only that, this ab dispensing valve also has a manual dispensing switch, so that we can make use of the dispensing switch at any time, manual dispensing of the dispensing machine, so we can finish the work better in dispensing dispensing operation in small scale, reduce the use cost of dispensing, dispensing to improve profit margins.
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