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Application of high speed spray valve

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When we use the dispensing machine with high speed jet dispensing valve for precise dispensing, do you know what kind of dispensing valve can be used in dispensing equipment?
High speed injection valve
The high speed spray type dispensing valve is not very important to the glue dispenser, so this kind of glue fittings can be used in a lot of glue dispenser. No matter it is electric drive, or mechanical drive, even pneumatic drive dispensing equipment, basically can use this dispensing valve, because this dispensing valve, its compatibility is very strong. Not only that, but also its performance is very superior.
Return suction valve
Because it uses spray technology to make glue to drive the glue, it can make non-contact glue. This dispensing way can carry out the precise dispensing without touching the dispensing products, because it has this property. Therefore, when it is positioning the dispensing coordinates, it does not need to determine the height. It only needs to confirm that two axes of XY can make the precise dispensing work. So its glue efficiency and glue quality have been greatly improved. The dispensing valve is made of stainless steel. Therefore, the service life of this dispensing valve is much longer than that of the general dispensing valve, and it also has the most common vacuum suction function in dispensing valves, so it is also called back suction precision dispensing valve. So how much is the application industry of this kind of dispensing valve?
High pressure injection valve
Speaking of this, when it comes to the application industry of high speed jet dispensing valve, we have to say the electronics industry. This is because most dispensing tasks come from this industry in dispensing dispensers. Because it has the ability of high speed injection, the glue valve is often used in the production operation of the assembly line large glue dispenser. Of course, this kind of valve can be applied to the industry more than the electronics industry, it can be applied to the industry is still very broad.
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