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Common problems of silica gel valve

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Although silica gel has excellent properties, there will be some problems in certain circumstances. So we are using silica gel. In order to pursue better bonding effect, we must cooperate with the binder to do the dispensing, so this is applied to the mixing glue step. Then I can use the AB dispensing valve in the AB dispenser to do the dispensing work. So what do we need to pay attention to when we use this kind of dispensing valve?
Silica gel automatic dispensing valve dispensing valve in the dispensing machine on our bearing, generally refers to the silica gel, its main ingredient is silica, this non metal compound has strong stability, high flash point, and the silicone itself is a kind of non crystal material, and has the characteristics of strong adhesive.
Silica gel precision dispensing valve, but the type of silica gel is not just this one. According to the complexity of the nature and composition, it can be divided into two kinds: organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Organic silica is usually a compound containing silicon. It is a compound containing silicon carbon bonds and connected with some organic elements. If we use this kind of silica gel in the process of use, it will cause the time of the silicone rubber dispensing valve to happen. Therefore, this silica gel will not be used for the silicone rubber carrying on the dispensing valve. We usually use silica gel on the silica gel dispensing valve as an inorganic silica gel. That is the silica gel we mentioned above is also one of them. However, inorganic silica gel has its own classification according to its own uses, for example: silica gel desiccant, medical use of silica gel and so on.
Silicone high speed dispensing valve. However, when we use silica gel, we often use different binder to mix it, so that we can improve the performance of silica gel, but these mixed glue can be used in silicone dispensing valve. These additives vary according to the need for viscosity and the range of use, and the selection of the adhesives we use is different. For example, the binder of KD-866 itself is a single component glue. It is suitable for fast bonding of silica gel. It is easy to operate and can be sticky efficiently without any careful treatment.
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