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Glue injection valve

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Dispensing valve dispensing equipment as an important, the most important of is the role played by the dispensing equipment, it plays a role in the dispensing process, the working principle of the ordinary dispensing valve is usually the glue into the barrel pressure, pressure of compressed air into the bucket, and the glue onto the material feeding cylinder tube connected to the electromagnetic valve, through a signal to start driving down the glue dispensing valve piston movement, so through the cylinder after the needle is extruded.
But with the dispensing valve production technology improvement, dispensing technology in the actual operation is started from the traditional contact type non contact tends to change. In foreign countries, has long been engaged in the research and development of non-contact dispensing equipment is quite mature, such as Asymtek company and VERMES company of Germany have launched their own products; however, at present, more than 70% domestic dispensing system still uses the traditional contact type dispensing needle, and is mainly the time / pressure type; non-contact dispensing system (injection) less than 10% market share, its development and application is still in the initial stage. Therefore, in view of the current development of dispensing technology in China, it is imperative to study the dispensing technology with independent intellectual property rights, high accuracy and high reliability.
As a new type of glue dispensing injection valve valve in recent years the domestic independent research and development, the dispensing valve to avoid all the problems caused by the contact, such as: drawing, trailing a series of phenomena, and the dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality are ordinary contact dispensing valve incomparable.
With the continuous expansion of the application range of non-contact dispensing equipment, the market sales of dispensing jet valves will also increase to a level. The future dispensing jet valve will become the trend of development of dispensing industry.
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