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AB automatic dispensing valve

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With the further development of industrial production technology, AB is more widely used, AB two kinds of fluid in a certain proportion mixed, have higher bonding strength and bonding effect than ordinary glue, so it plays an important role in the production of PCB, the use of AB through the need to perform AB glue dispensing valve to special so, there is no automatic dispensing valve an efficient application of AB glue?
The form of glue dispensing, AB automatic dispensing valve with double liquid suction, when the storage pressure barrels of glue connecting the two material inlet, then AB automatic dispensing valve is connected with the gas supply port, so that the air can be used for driving AB glue, glue gas in 4-7KGF/CM, to achieve high precision glue volume 0.01ml, which can meet the requirements of a more comprehensive dispensing industry, anodized Aluminum Alloy made, so that it can be applied to long-term dispensing work and no wear, corrosion and erosion resistance have advantages, support a variety of styles of application point glue dispensing machine ab.
AB automatic dispensing valve was unique to absorption function, drawing and drip is bad as everyone knows the glue dispensing problems often encountered in the process, most of the dispensing valve structure is simple single function only for processing, glue dispensing, AB automatic dispensing valve suction function through the bidirectional pneumatic control to solve the problem of glue drawing. The dispensing arm pull back glue may have a part attached drawing dispensing needle at this time, AB automatic dispensing valve will automatically suck back this residue, there are adverse factors by dispensing products coated evenly without drawing affect the dispensing quality.
The AB automatic dispensing valve is fixed by the M8 thread so that it can be stably glued on the glue dispenser.
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