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Return suction valve price

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There are many dispensing valves with vacuum suction function in dispensing machine. How much is the difference between these suction valve and the dispensing valve? How many kinds of material are there?
Double liquid return suction valve
Because these back suction precision dispensing valves should be applied to all kinds of dispensers, so the material is made of metal, and most parts of dispensers are made of aluminum profiles. However, some of the glue valve, because it needs to be used in a special environment or to use special glue, so the material is also slightly different. Sometimes used as stainless steel, Teflon steel to create these. But these materials are not precious metals, so their difference in price is not large. The most important factor is the function and driving mode of dispensing valve.
Double liquid large flow spot glue valve
The basic functions of general dispensing valve are dispensing operation, but some dispensing valve because it has some technical bonus, for example: stainless steel jet dispensing valve, the dispensing valve adopts the injection technology, making it in the dispensing, dispensing valve dispensing speed and dispensing efficiency than the usual to raise a lot of. Of course, the price is much higher than the ordinary glue valve.
Return suction type large flow spot glue valve
The driving mode of the dispensing valve is also an important reason for the big price gap between them. At present, there are four kinds of common valve driving modes: air drive, electric drive, hydraulic drive and mechanical drive. In the air pressure, its price is the cheapest, but it is also the worst in precision. The most cost-effective is power driven. The other two driving methods are now relatively poor in cost performance because of technical reasons. So the power drive is one of the most popular driving modes in the dispensing valve.
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