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  • High-precision glue control screw dispensing valve manufactu

    field.writer/ :2019-03-16 Clicks:314

    There are many kinds of dispensing valves according to their uses. Selecting screw dispensing valves with continuous dispensing has high batch control accuracy. The control glue quantity of assembly screw dispensing valves such as visual dispensing machin...

  • The Practical Application of Compound Plug Needle Spotting V

    field.writer/ :2019-03-05 Clicks:190

    The dispensing valve is one of the most widely used glue control accessories in automation equipment. The compound dispensing valve has many characteristics and functions. This single-liquid dispensing valve has become the standard dispensing control acce...

  • Selection of dynamic dispensing valve glue ratio is good in

    field.writer/ :2019-03-02 Clicks:290

    In addition to stainless steel pressure barrel and carbon steel pressure barrel, the mixing dynamic dispensing valve can also be achieved. The dynamic dispensing valve is one of the double-liquid dispensing valves. The dispensing ratio can be controlled f...

  • Manual double liquid dispensing valve is used for low cost d

    field.writer/ :2019-03-02 Clicks:207

    Various dispensing methods have evolved into different kinds of accessories. There are differences between the parts of manual dispensing equipment and those of automatic dispensing equipment. Manual double-liquid dispensing valve is a different kind of v...

  • Specification customization of hot melt dispensing valve spe

    field.writer/ :2019-02-28 Clicks:194

    Hot melt adhesive, as a special fluid adhesive, needs to be melted into liquid adhesive at 160-180 C. When dispensing automatically, hot melt dispensing valve is used to control flow storage. Hot melt dispensing valve belongs to a special automatic dispen...

  • Medium-sized blue 2121 dispensing valve can be mixed and cus

    field.writer/ :2019-02-20 Clicks:266

    2121 dispensing valve is a kind of control device with strong versatility at present. It can be connected to the controller for manual dispensing, can also be mounted on the desktop dispensing machine, and even can be used for large-scale floor dispensing...

  • The quality effect of medium-sized anaerobic rubber valve is

    field.writer/ :2019-01-21 Clicks:250

    Anaerobic glue is also called threaded glue. Special anaerobic glue valves are needed to strengthen the quality and strength of the product. Generally speaking, the selection of glue valves is more effective than that of ordinary needle barrels. The parts...

  • 10L piston dispensing drum with stainless steel cylinder

    field.writer/ :2019-01-15 Clicks:2066

    Piston dispensing barrel belongs to a very common stainless steel pressure barrel. Many manufacturers prefer to use something with simple structure and easy operation, while the piston dispensing barrel is like this. Simple design and operation method...

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