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  • ZZ-D10 single-hole dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-17 Clicks:151

    ZZ-D10 single-vent dispensing valve is different from ordinary dispensing valve. Other types of dispensing valve are slightly different. Other types are basically double-vent. This single-vent dispensing controller is a single-hole machine with suction fu...

  • ZZ-500V diaphragm dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-15 Clicks:93

    ZZ-500v diaphragm dispensing valve has distinct features. It is a top-pin dispensing valve with diaphragm unit. It can easily use low-viscosity glue. It has strong sealing. It also has anti-wear and anti-curing effects. The rubber outlet is made of Ruhr s...

  • ZZ-G30 Silicone Spot Valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-15 Clicks:140

    G30 point valve is a reduced version of large flow silicone point valve, with relatively smaller flow. In order to meet the requirements of more manufacturers, such as valve requirements, high viscosity requirements, low glue output, clean gel breakage, e...

  • Zz-50 large flow silicone dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-15 Clicks:77

    Zz-50 large flow silicone dispensing valve can independently use high viscosity glue. The valve is divided into two sections, one is the glue cylinder, the other is the cylinder with a diameter of 4 * 4cm. It can improve the thrust, increase the continuit...

  • Z-23 Pin Spot Valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-13 Clicks:101

    ZZ-23 pin dispensing valve is a very sophisticated valve body. It is a pin dispensing valve suitable for manufacturers. It is cheap with a price of 130 yuan per unit and 100 yuan per batch (10 pieces). Welcome to contact manufacturers. Material: The whole...

  • ZZ-25D plunger dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2021-05-13 Clicks:93

    ZZ-25D plunger dispensing valve is a dispensing valve manufactured with fully sealed technology. It has good sealing ability, meets the type of glue with high and low viscosity, has wide coverage, is simple to work, cheap, wholesale price 120 yuan/branch ...

  • 4800 stainless steel spray valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-21 Clicks:214

    As the saying goes, what is the price of a cent, the price of high determines the value of the product. If everything is carefully manufactured, the quality will certainly not be bad, and the difference is a thousand miles. Although there will be no probl...

  • Dongguan Hengli AB glue screw valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-16 Clicks:197

    When it comes to the dispensing valve using AB glue, the appearance of screw valve of AB glue comes to mind. This is a double liquid dispensing valve which gives me a great impact. It can complete the mixing requirement of more than 5:1 glue ratio without...

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