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  • Fan spray valve

    field.writer/ :2020-03-11 Clicks:202

    To achieve glue atomization, we need to use fan spray valve to transform the water-based glue into mist and spray out. The general dispensing valve can not be done. It needs unique structure to do it. It also requires glue. The viscosity should not be too...

  • 2121 micrometer precision dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-03-10 Clicks:119

    2121 dispensing valve actually includes two types of valves, one with micrometer and the other with nut. The difference between the two is that the accuracy adjustment device with micrometer is more accurate. Other materials and processes are the same. In...

  • 2121 thimble dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-03-09 Clicks:209

    2121 thimble dispensing valve belongs to the type of precision dispensing valve, which is inclined to small flow and high-precision dispensing demand. The axis adopts needle shape, which has good sealing effect. In the process of using low viscosity glue,...

  • Zz-3131 lift back suction dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-03-07 Clicks:183

    The recycle dispensing valve is a hot-selling dispensing valve, which is suitable for medium and high viscosity glue. Some types of glue that are difficult to dispensing can be used, such as lubricating oil, silica gel, yellow glue, black glue, epoxy resi...

  • Function of micrometer of zz-2121 thimble dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-01-27 Clicks:306

    Micrometer thimble dispensing valve you may know that it has high dispensing accuracy. Have you known what the micrometer function of dispensing valve is? Where is the difference between installing micrometer and other fine adjustment devices? Does microm...

  • Screw rubber diaphragm dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-01-02 Clicks:268

    Diaphragm dispensing valve is a special dispensing valve specially used for thread glue and anaerobic glue. It is a special valve manufactured according to the characteristics of glue. The rubber cylinder is not made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, ...

  • Precise screw dispensing valve for anaerobic dispensing

    field.writer/ :2020-01-02 Clicks:257

    The diaphragm dispensing valve or precision screw dispensing valve are used for dispensing anaerobic glue. The type of diaphragm dispensing valve has been mentioned before. Now, the precision screw dispensing valve has been modified to replace the screw w...

  • Air dispensing electric piezoelectric spray dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2019-12-10 Clicks:193

    The piezoelectric injection valve adopts the electric mode, uses 24V AC to control the glue flow, and realizes the glue injection in the high-pressure state. The glue spraying frequency can reach 500Hz / s, the working efficiency is super high, and collis...

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