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Black rubber outlet can prevent photosensitive adhesive from

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Black dispensing syringe is a type of American dispensing syringe, different color of the syringe will have different places to use, although all belong to American dispensing syringe, but the use of which type of glue is determined by the quality of glue, black dispensing syringe mainly uses photosensitive glue, which is a special kind of glue.
American black syringe
美式黑色针筒 Properties of photosensitive adhesive
Photosensitive adhesive as the name implies, this is a kind of glue which is sensitive to light, will cause curing when exposed to ultraviolet light, so that the operation of dispensing needle jam, will also cause a waste of glue, which is not conducive to the production of dispensing. American dispensing syringe barrel also includes transparent dropping syringe barrel, black dispensing syringe barrel and green dispensing syringe barrel and so on, only the production technology has American technology manufacturing.
美式针筒 Composition of manual dispensing machine
Black dispensing cartridge with dispensing needle barrel bracket and dispensing machine controller, combined into a manual dispensing machine, so that photosensitive dispensing can be completed, but also does not lead to abnormal solidification of photosensitive adhesive, choose the correct dispensing cartridge has such an effect, but also a variety of sizes, used to meet the needs of industry production. China is a manufacturer specializing in dispensing accessories and dispensing equipment manufacturers, in this respect has more research, know which glue can use which valve for dispensing.
American style needle
The function of dispensing needle holder
The use of dispensing syringe support can prevent glue dropping, the use of dispensing syringe can not be placed across the table, this will lead to glue backflow, if the general glue can also clean dispensing syringe, and the use of photosensitive glue, easy to curing, how easy to lead to the damage of dispensing syringe, which is not conducive to production, And black glue out of the rubber cylinder also to scrap, after dispensing, to put the rubber cylinder on the needle holder dispensing, this is its role.
The dispensing needle
点胶针筒 Effect of black rubber dispensing cylinder
Black dispensing barrel has the effect of preventing the solidification of photosensitive adhesive, specifically should be able to prevent ultraviolet light, so that photosensitive adhesive can be completed dispensing demand, this is the use of different colors of dispensing needle barrel benefits, American dispensing needle barrel specifications are also very large, can be purchased in the Chinese manufacturers.
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