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Plastic preservative sealing cartridge made of special mater

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  Plastic anti-corrosion sealing rubber cylinder is mainly made of plastics, but some special materials with anti-corrosion effect are added in the production process, which can be used for dispensing the glue with corrosion effect. The glue range of the glue cylinder made of special materials is compared, but it is plastic. Material production, if the use of glue in the process of curing phenomenon, can not handle the need to replace the application.
Anticorrosive sealing cylinder

  Introduction to the advantages of plastic anti-corrosive glue dispensing cylinder dispensing

  The dispensing needle made of plastic material is easy to be corroded by glue, but it can be used to prevent glue corrosion by adding special material in the process of manufacture. This kind of dispensing needle barrel is called plastic anti-corrosion sealing rubber barrel, and the piston-type dispensing rubber barrel is also made of plastic material and has certain corrosion resistance. As a result, in dispensing operation, glue leakage will still occur, affecting production work, which may be caused by anti-corrosion sealing glue cylinder or piston type drum installation is not tightened, then after the installation of the drum, it is best to check the installation of sealing effect, to avoid glue leakage, wire drawing and other problems.
Anticorrosive sealing cylinder

  Cause of leakage of anticorrosive glue

  Whether it is in the use of plastic anti-corrosion sealing rubber cylinder or the use of piston type rubber drum, there may be a problem of glue leakage, so in the production process leading to glue leakage syringe what are the reasons?
Anticorrosive sealing cylinder
  1. The use of dispensing sealer sealing effect is not good, then in the use of plastic anti-corrosion sealer or piston drum, glue shortage, glue leakage will be very likely.
  2. Installation and tightening of the glue syringe will also lead to glue dripping phenomenon, then in the anti-corrosion sealing glue cylinder, piston type glue drum installed, it is best to check the sealing effect of the syringe, to avoid dispensing problems.
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