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Two component dispensing cylinder suitable for AB glue and m

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  The two-component dispensing needle barrel is composed of two needle barrels. The middle part of the two barrels is isolated. The purpose is to store glue conveniently, prevent the contact between A and B glue, avoid the solidification problem of AB or mixed glue in the two-component dispensing needle barrel, and cause the phenomenon of glue plugging needle barrel.
Two component dispensing syringe

  Introduction of two component dispensing syringe

  The common two-component dispensing syringe in the market can be divided into two kinds, one is made of plastic two-component dispensing syringe, the other is made of stainless steel metal. The dispensing syringe made of this material has its own advantages, but the use of the syringe is the same. Two-component dispensing needle barrel is mainly used in AB glue, mixed glue, etc. When these glue is used in the production of products before, it is necessary to set a good mixing ratio of glue, can make the glue viscosity to achieve the best bonding effect. Although two dispensing needle barrels are assembled, this dispensing needle barrel is used in no different way from other needle barrels.
Two component dispensing syringe

  Usage of two component dispensing syringe

  In dispensing equipment, the main role of two-component dispensing needle barrel is to store part of the glue, the glue into the product, etc., but this dispensing needle barrel used mixed glue, and the special properties of these glue only in contact with each other in the case of rapid solidification, but because the glue has high and low viscosity, and The requirement of adhesive strength is also different, so it is very important to mix the amount of glue before use. This is also the biggest difference between two-component dispensing syringe and other dispensing syringe.
Two component dispensing syringe
  The two-component dispensing needle barrel suitable for AB glue and mixed glue is relatively simple to use, but it is necessary to pay attention to the mixing proportion of glue to avoid the mixing ratio is not suitable to affect the quality of product production.
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