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Round metal needles are more suitable for use with strong co

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  The circular metal needle belongs to the stainless steel dispensing needle. Compared with other types of dispensing needle, the circular metal needle is more suitable for dispensing the corrosive glue. The stainless steel dispensing needle has good corrosion resistance and can be repeatedly used in industrial dispensing production. It is widely used.
Round metal needle

  It has excellent corrosion resistance.

  The reason why this stainless steel dispensing needle is more in line with the strong corrosion resistance glue, mainly because this round metal needle corrosion resistance is relatively strong, this dispensing needle made of stainless steel special metal material, with good corrosion resistance, service life is also very good, in the plastic bonding link to make When using high corrosive 502 glue, PU glue, PVC glue and other adhesives, the production quality of plastic bonding can be guaranteed and the damage of dispensing needle can be avoided by using round metal needle and all-aluminum needle.
Round metal needle

  Preparation for use of corrosive glue

  Because of the use of high corrosive glue, if only the use of corrosion-resistant circular metal needles, all-aluminum pinhead is not able to complete the plastic bonding work, but also need to use corrosion-resistant effect of the conveyor pipe, dispensing valve and other accessories with the application, at the same time in the plastic bonding point before corrosion glue, the staff should be the best protection measures Check the quality and sealing effect of the stainless steel dispensing needle to avoid manual glue corrosion during plastic bonding.
Round metal needle
  The circular metal needle and all-aluminum pedestal needle made of special stainless steel metal material can dispensing the highly corrosive glue, but in the course of use, dispensing machine and other accessories need to be replaced with corrosion-resistant effect to prevent glue corrosion equipment and accessories, affecting the quality of plastic bonding.
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