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The use of glass glue dispensing requires the use of manual

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  Glass adhesives are widely used in furniture decoration links, in the process of decoration will be used to complete the production of glass adhesives needle barrel, in the decoration process is generally fixed on the wall, then the use of glass adhesives needle barrel is required to operate manually by employees.
Glass glue dispensing syringe

  Hand push dispensing syringe specially for glass glue

  Storage of glass glue is generally a long bottle-shaped, in the process of home decoration, decoration personnel in order to operate glue, the use of hand-pushed dispensing needle barrel to complete the work of glue fixed, but in dispensing work is easy to cause glue problems due to poor sealing, affecting. Product dispensing production quality. However, in the dispensing industry, the problem of poor sealing is not possible to appear, when the problem of poor sealing, the glue inside the glass adhesive needle barrel will gradually solidify, which will cause great inconvenience to production. This syringe is made of Japanese dispensing syringe, and its effect in sealing treatment is very good.
Glass glue dispensing syringe

  Introduction of glass glue dispensing syringe

  The glass dispensing needle barrel is made of Japanese dispensing needle barrel, and the working method is based on the manual dispensing needle barrel. By applying this glass dispensing needle barrel in the dispensing process, the problem of poor sealing can be avoided. There are many types and colors of glass adhesives needle barrel. Besides glass adhesives, it can also be used for UV glue, silica gel and other adhesives. However, when using UV glue, it is better to choose glass adhesives needle barrel with black or amber platinum color to complete the production work.
Glass glue dispensing syringe
  When using glass glue to drip glue, it is necessary to use special glass glue needle barrel to complete the production work. When dispensing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the needle barrel has bad sealing, so as not to affect the quality of product dispensing in the use process.
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