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The hand push dispensing syringe for new products of Zhongch

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Manual dispensing syringe is a kind of common rubber valve and a special rubber valve. It is different from manual dispensing syringe in the past. It is a real manual use. It does not need any dispensing accessories. Manual operation alone will limit the use effect greatly. At present, there are few manual dispensing syringes on the market. Manufacturers will use this way of dispensing.
Size of hand push syringe
In Japanese dispensing syringes, the use of hand-push dispensing syringes is relatively small, which is only dispensing industry. However, in order to fully meet the dispensing industry's demand for dispensing, the hand-push dispensing syringes have been manufactured, and they have various sizes, such as 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, etc. With a few types of production, because the number of users is small, the general production quantity is not very large, to a large number of products, it needs to be booked in advance.
Hand push dispensing syringe parameters:
Model: zz-10
Product Name: syringe
Material: thickened PP material
Processing and customization: Yes.
Minimum gel output: 0ml
This is the most basic parameter of hand-push dispensing syringe, and the encapsulation procedure of this dispensing syringe is very simple, but we should pay attention to this dispensing syringe, not to use too high concentration of glue, especially in line with the use of low concentration glue, such as 502, alcohol, etc., then align glue, and then stretch the handlebars, let go. When it sucks in glue and then puts on a dispensing needle, it can dispensing task, which is the simplest encapsulation operation step.
In the type of Japanese dispensing syringe, this is a unique product, but in medical use is very much, I believe many people are very familiar with the hand dispensing syringe, so if you want to buy, you can contact the customer service of the official website, or call 13928403389.
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